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So what if i am HIV+?This is the question that has been ringing on my head of late.Since i discovered that i HIV was not going to kill me but ruther i would die if i so wanted…..i guess this is the only way to survive the HIV virus the so what attitude…

Personaly i dont care who knows that i am HIV+ at times it works for my good.I wounder when people will realize that there is nothing special about being HIV+ if one is living positively and those that dying look at their history something is a miss somewhere.That is why i am appealing to many young ladies to come out in the open and lets fight stigma and discriminationin this country.One thing that i have always learnt is that if it ain’t killing you then it ain’t worth your time.Dont get me wrong here…i am refferering to all those people that you are terrified of them finding out about your status…the much that the can do for you is gossip for a night and then sooner or later after they discover that you aint dying yet they start seeing your courage and envying you and thats the way to go..people walk up to me and tell me that i lie about my status since it is another way of getting money.Whether i am HIV+ or not it does not justify me to get any favours from any where i am as hard working as any one else.I have kids to feed and a house to pay i have bills to pay just as any and everybody else my status dont warrant me to get any favours from any quoters i am as good and as productive as any other person ONLY if i am living positive.

I wish you all a positive week ahead.



Almost three or so months ago i was privileged to facilitate in one of the leading university in Kenya and believe you me one of the most important things that i walked with out of that lecture room is was that sex will always remain one of the most important activity with human beings……

I still hear the question that one of the students posed on me…”Now that you are HIV+ do you still have the desire of having sex?”How in the word does someone ask such a question?Did she think that since i was discovered to be HIV+ my sexual desires were carried away by the virus or something?Wrong!And for her information i almost told her that my desires were quite active and even extra active for that matter since i started Ephivarense a combination that i did not have on my former Arv’s…(o.k some say that once they started Arv’s there sexual desires went down)i think that we are all unique in own own special way and that what affects the other could not necessarily affect the next person but still that does not at all mean that the sexual desires crush…

Its amazing how sex is perceived as a taboo in our African cultures yet is the most active form of partnership since the days of Adam.I am amazed how people brighten up at the mention of sex (they want to hear but not participate)in any sex conversation.kindly observe.In a workshop that i attended recently the most effective facilitation made to the members by one of the facilitators was at the  mention of the word sex in every five words,that really kept guys awake,active and happy.

My message to all you out there is that PLWHA are not yet down on there sexual feelings and might be active more than the – guys.Sex is still and will forever remain  important to all human kind…and not to mention the animals to…


I remember the day that i was told that i was HIV+ as if it were yesterday…the first feeling was of numbness then fear then reassuring myself that i will live despite what my status were.I had seen my mum’s good friend circum to HIV and it was not a good site either.Those were the days when someone who was HIV+ was persived as a prostitute or either deserving to be punished by God for probably the acts that they have been doing…

I  saw mama Noni’s mouth move to one side and as a strong believer she really believed that God would not let her go down with this…o.k may be her husband deserved it or something but her?I don’t think so…This were the days that she would come to our house and my siblings and i would suddenly disappear to our bedrooms and most probably taking note of any utensils that she would use so that as soon as she left the house it would be disinfected by boiling them in hot water for over 2 hours or so… I figure it was still the days when Arv’s went for close to 100k those were the days.At times i think God makes different people cope with there issues differently…they coped differently and surprisingly most of them survived on the other hand we are coping differently and surprisingly we are surviving to unless one is not ready…

It has been a good almost 3 years and some months and i have not been down on any opportunistic infection leave alone the common T.B.God has been gracious to me and YES i owe it all to him…Though knowing my status has really made me a better person in ways that i can not explain…..a better mother,a better wife,a better sister,a better daughter,a better friend the list can not be exhausted..the sky has clearly become the limit for me.I would like to encourage all those outside there that are wondering what to do since they discovered there status that the sky should be the limit,you determine your own destiny and NEVER EVER let anything bring you down…

with lots of love to all you memebrs of + club…..

Hi friends,

I have already created myself a blog already i hope that we will be able to share idea and get to learn from each other as trained from the JLWHA workshop.I wish you all a wonderful time.



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  • gathoni wa gathoni: I totally agree with Jane Wesley when she says and i quote "HIV plus people are still loving and can also be loved and infact they need love now than
  • Jane Wesley: I totally agree with you on the importance of sex to all HIV positive people. HIV plus people are still loving and can also be loved and infact they n
  • Paul Kimumwe: Thanks tabby for this post. I think we also need to point out that it is still very important to use condoms during sex with the sexual partner -